Established as one of St. Petersburg’s very first digital type foundries in 2013, TypeType is dedicated to collaboration with graphic designers and typographers. When Ivan Gladkikh and Alexander Kudryavtsev founded TypeType, they might not have imagined the level of success the foundry would experience in the years to come, a prosperity that’s due to their steadfast work ethic and high standards for type design.

TypeType’s products are geared toward the contemporary graphic designer, focusing on fonts that offer broad functionality, extensive multilingual support, and relevance to modern aesthetics. Their work delivers a wide range of weights and widths, enabling them to adapt to any and every type of media and project.

One of their latest releases is TT Backwards, a distinctive font duo of five grotesque sans serifs and five almost-monoline scripts. Begun as an experiment inspired by USSR typography from the late 1970s and early 1980s, TypeType drew their inspiration from posters, book designs, and shop signs from that memorable era. Both subfamilies within TT Backwards are meant to be complementary with one another, each offering five weights that range from Thin to Black.

TT Backwards Sans is a slender grotesque who takes its inspiration primarily from book design. There are several characteristics which are especially notable, including its exaggerated extenders, high x-height, and ink traps. TT Backwards Sans includes two experimental stylistic sets, altering the high-frequency symbols of the Cyrillic (SS01) and Latin (SS02) alphabets. OpenType features for the sans variants include ordinals, numerators, denominators, fractions, ligatures, tabular and proportional figures.

Backwards Sans is a unique and contemporary choice for large displays, signage, headlines, editorials, web copy, mobile applications, advertising, presentations, book covers, corporate identity, and branding projects.

TT Backwards Script is an almost monolinear script that found its inspiration in posters and shop signs from the 70s and 80s USSR. Reminiscent of neon signs and retro storefronts, TT Backwards Script offers both sophistication and versatility. Special attention was given to the connections between each letter, ensuring that all of the lowercase letters join seamlessly and without breaks, and that they meet the uppercase characters with exquisite intent and precision.

Backwards Script is beautiful when used on its own or in conjunction with Backwards Sans. It’s well suited to signage, logo design, advertising, product packaging, merchandise, posters, social media imagery, and any project that needs a fluid, retro script. Backwards Script offers a number of both Latin and Cyrillic ligatures, along with ordinals, numerators, denominators, fractions, tabular figures, oldstyle figures, and proportional figures.

Both TT Backwards Script and Sans provide multilingual support for Basic Latin, Western European, Euro, Baltic, Turkish, Central European, Romanian, Pan African Latin, and Basic Cyrillic for extensive global accessibility.

Right now through November 10, 2017, TT Backwards is on sale for 80% off of its regular price so it’s the perfect time to add this fantastic font duo to your collection!

TypeType currently offers 38 products through YouWorkForThem, a varied anthology of sans, sans serifs, slab serifs, and scripts for a wide range of design projects. Visit their portfolio to see the rest of their work and bookmark it so you won’t miss their future additions!