RetroSupply Co. has earned a reputation as one of the top resources for midcentury graphic design tools. Established by Dustin Lee, the digital marketplace offers a massive collection of digital art brushes, textures, layer styles, fonts, and print effects designed to simplify the process of creating digital images that have a realistic vintage appearance.

They look incredibly genuine because Dustin uses real-world materials during his creation process. He’s been known to use 60-year old wax oil crayons, wood, ink, paper, foil, and even actual garage grime to achieve the textured effect he seeks in his work. All of that effort saves hours in a graphic designer’s workflow because the really hard part is already done. For those who routinely work with midcentury design aesthetics, RetroSupply Co. is nothing short of a miracle worker.

One of their more recent releases is VectorSupply Premium Retro Vector Textures, a mega-pack of handcrafted vector textures “so crisp you’ll want to touch them.”

A great deal of work went into the creation of this set. Dustin found himself abusing his printers, hand-pulling screens, and crafting digital brushes from 60-year old steel wool, rags, and even orange trees. He took to his driveway to make oil and coffee spills, resulting in real stains that were sun-dried to perfection.

What can we say? The man takes his job very seriously, and graphic designers around the world are thankful for that.

VectorSupply Premium Retro Vector Textures includes 13 halftone textures for creating an aged effect in seconds, 14 seamless pattern swatches for type and objects, 16 authentic halftone brushes, 14 handmade sponge brushes, and seven oil and coffee stains for that grungy, vintage flair.

Authentic-looking vintage textures can be difficult to create from scratch in Photoshop, but VectorSupply Premium Retro Vector Textures will give you everything you need to create them in a ridiculously short amount of time.

RetroSupply Co. offers more than 90 products through YouWorkForThem. Visit their portfolio to view the rest of their products, purchase your favorites (of which we’re sure there will be many), and bookmark it so you can watch for new additions because they’re being added all the time!