Lots of things fade in and out of fashion. Parachute pants. Mullets. Bling grillz. Layered polos with popped collars. And everyone’s favorite: mom jeans.

One thing that never seems to go out of style hails from midcentury America. There’s something about the quintessential design elements from the iconic decade that just speaks to everyone, regardless of age. It’s made a real comeback in the world of graphic design over recent years, but we have to wonder… did it ever really leave?

Dustin Lee doesn’t think so. In fact, he built an entire online marketplace around midcentury design aesthetics. RetroSupply Co. provides graphic designers with digital tools that make it easy to craft realistic-looking “vintage” imagery. Using real objects to create his hand-crafted textures, digital art brushes, and print effects, Dustin does most of the heavy lifting when it comes to creating digital images with a decades-old appearance.

But sometimes, he gets a little help from his friends.

One of RetroSupply Co.’s most recent releases is The Mid-Century Nature Vector Art Kit, a large set of 60 files created by Von Glitshka. Von is a renowned designer who’s worked with notable companies like Nike and Disney, authored a book on the use of the pen tool, and created popular tutorials on Lynda. And when Adobe wants to demonstrate to designers exactly what they can achieve in Illustrator, they use his artwork as the example. Yeah, he’s that good. As Dustin puts it, “If the design world was Star Wars, Von would be Luke Skywalker.”

Basically what he’s saying is this: Von is the best of the best, and this is one of the cleanest sets of vector artwork anyone would be lucky to get their hands on.

The Mid-Century Nature Vector Art Kit brings midcentury charm to illustrated flowers, trees, leaves, birds, and other miscellaneous elements that are perfect for a wide variety of projects. Posters, logos, apparel, book covers, presentations, album art, product packaging, and any project that needs an earthy, organic character with tons of vintage warmth will find something wonderful in this collection.

RetroSupply Co. offers more than 90 products through YouWorkForThem, a playground of vintage goods for graphic designs. Visit their portfolio to view the rest of their products, grab your favorites, and bookmark it so you won’t miss any of their future additions.