Dustin Lee grew up surrounded by remnants from midcentury America, a life experience that greatly influenced his affinity for those particular design aesthetics. His uncle’s garage was a treasure trove of old hardware boxes and packages, cone-top beer cans, and comic books from that beloved historical era.

After he reached adulthood, he was afforded the opportunity to explore the re-creation of those elements by scanning product boxes and other vintage images, exploring antiques and teaching himself to replicate the style and textures from decades ago. It proved a difficult task at first, but with time and practice, Dustin learned exactly how to distill the visual essence of midcentury design for modern, digital projects.

He launched RetroSupply Co. as a marketplace for all things midcentury, and it’s become a go-to resource for graphic designers who need to create those same effects in their modern work. The classic design elements of the 40s, 50s, and 60s have never quite gone out of style, and RetroSupply’s products make it easy to reproduce that charm in minutes.

One of their latest releases is IndiePress Vintage Poster Maker, a system that’s designed to shave hours off of your workflow. Including textures, gradient settings, and color schemes, IndiePress Vintage Poster Maker enables you to create high resolution retro posters that look authentically aged.

In Photoshop CS4 or above, simply place a photo in the IndiePress folder, add text, and then select your favorite effects. That’s all there is to it!

When Dustin set out to create IndiePress Vintage Poster Maker, he spent hours studying vintage poster designs before recreating the effects. The print textures he crafted include newsprint and regular halftone, paper folds, clorox halftone, and portland concrete. A series of one-click color schemes and gradient settings allow designers to tweak color effects in seconds.

If you purchase IndiePress Vintage Poster Maker now, Dustin is including two free bonuses valued at $25. You’ll get the Landscape Version, which offers all of the inky goodness of IndiePress in landscape format, plus you’ll snag a bonus set of five paper textures for even more versatility.

If you love working with midcentury design elements, RetroSupply Co. is sure to become one of your favorite resources so visit their portfolio and bookmark it right away. They currently offer more than 90 products on YouWorkForThem, a collection of effective tools that continues to expand every month.