Art, by its definition, is “the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination,” which usually translates to something that manifests itself through beauty or through the act of provoking a raw, emotional response in another person. “Art” is often subjective, but therein lies the virtue of the craft: it can mean anything, to anyone, and its meaning is wholly dependent upon the perception of every unique individual as they experience it for themselves.

That’s incredibly powerful stuff.

Robert Marks is a multidisciplinary artist whose background includes photography, fluid painting, graphic design, motion graphics, and web design. In 2013, he established RuleByArt, a Toronto-based studio that celebrates creative freedom. After working in graphic design for some time, Robert took notice of a trend in licensed graphics, in that they largely catered to a corporate market and the needs of business designers.

RuleByArt breaks that mold by offering handmade and digital art resources for more creative projects, including album art, posters, fashion, packaging, textiles, home decor, stationary, website design, and branding applications.

With two decades of industry experience, Robert still has just as much passion for the field as he did before he even began his career in graphic design. It’s his reason for waking up every morning, an enthusiasm that fuels experimentation and results in outstanding works of art.

One of RuleByArt’s most recent releases is Chroma, a set of 25 high resolution graphics featuring mesmerizing data-like shapes and grainy textures in a rainbow of palettes. A three-dimensional effect adds an entrancing complexity to each image, taking contemporary design projects to the next level of awesomeness.

Chroma makes a stunning impact in album art and posters, book covers, website designs, branding projects, digital artwork, social media imagery, and any project that needs texture and visual depth.

Chroma’s files are print-ready transparent PNGs, best edited in Photoshop so you can edit the hue and saturation (or even invert the colors) for uniquely customized results. At 4000×4000 pixels at 300 dpi, Chroma is well suited to graphic design projects large and small.

RuleByArt currently offers 53 products on YouWorkForThem, an inspiring collection of vectors, graphic styles, and textures that will knock your socks off. Visit their portfolio to view all of their products and bookmark it so you won’t miss any of their future additions!