There is something about 1950s design that never goes out of style. Just about everyone will recognize the hallmark traits of midcentury American design, whether it’s because they lived through those years first-hand, or they lived vicariously through watching syndicated television shows and old movies. No matter what generation you belong to, the nostalgia of the 1940s, 50s, and 60s belongs to all of us because it’s something we’ve all experienced in one way or another.

Perhaps that’s why it’s such a popular aesthetic, even in contemporary graphic design. It’s recognizable, and it’s welcoming – it draws the viewer in through its warmth and familiarity. If you dig graphic design with an authentic vintage feel, you’ll be glad you found RetroSupply Co.

Established by Dustin Lee, RetroSupply Co. specializes in creating digital tools that make it easy for graphic designers to incorporate realistic-looking midcentury elements in their projects. Everything from print effects, digital art brushes, layer styles, handcrafted textures, and fonts can be found at RetroSupply Co., making it a vital resource for your midcentury-themed work. Their tools are crafted from real-world items to achieve the greatest amount of authenticity, using materials like foil, ink, wood, paper, crayons, old product boxes, and more.

One of RetroSupply Co.’s most recent font releases is Unlucky, a pessimistic blackletter script that’s nothing but bad news. In fact, you’re strongly encouraged to deliver any and all bad news to unlucky recipients by using this script to send your message.

Plan to quit your job? Tender your resignation in Unlucky for a little extra doom and gloom. Have you decided that no, you’re really not interested in moving in with your significant other? Use Unlucky to design a billboard display that declares, “SORRY. I’M JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU.

Unlucky spreads its messages with an extra helping of despair, making it a perfect font choice for demotivational posters, I’m-not-happy-to-see-you greeting cards, and cynical memes with a heavy vintage flair. Its classic elegance will never go out of style, which is good news for bad news – with Unlucky, you’ll always have a stylish way to tell someone that their dog died.

RetroSupply Co.’s portfolio is stuffed to the brim with midcentury charm. They currently offer 80 products through YouWorkForThem; we recommend you check out the rest of their work and bookmark them so you won’t miss their future (past) additions!