Jacob Lund is a prolific photographer from Denmark whose career in photography began as a hobby while he spent time shooting images of parkour. He found a great deal of enjoyment through the activity, and as time went on, others started taking an interest in his photography. Discovering that he could make a bit of money though his work, he took the plunge and pursued a full-time career as a freelance photographer.

His initial foray into a photography career was not quite as successful as he would have liked. Jobs were not a consistent source of income and after a few months, he ran out of money, forcing him to seek other employment. “It was a terrible feeling to fail like that, and to abandon my dream,” Jacob recalled.

In his search for a “real” job, as he explained, he applied and trained to become a police officer with the Danish Police Force. He admits that he loved both the training and his colleagues, but he especially loved the reliable, monthly pay check that enabled him to not worry about whether or not he’d be able to cover his rent every month.

After a few years on the police force, however, Jacob began to miss the act of being creative. Sometimes “real life” can get in the way of our dreams, but he found a way to give himself the best of both worlds. He’d shoot pictures during his days off, and during whatever free time he had between his shifts spent patrolling in a police car. “It was amazing to have the variety of challenges in the police job combined with being able to do creative work with my photography,” Jacob told us. “But with time I knew I had to make a choice about what career to pursue. I chose photography.”

He hasn’t looked back since. He went on to establish Jacob Lund Photography, a production company based in Cape Town, South Africa, although Jacob has called Copenhagen home for the past ten years. His studio features a team of brilliant creatives who work together to produce stunning licensed photography for a global market.

Jacob prefers to take an authentic approach to his work, capturing life as it’s happening in a way that immerses the viewer in every scene. Much of his work is centered around people interacting with their environment, or with one another, resulting in photographs that are candid, sincere, and engaging.

He finds his particular style difficult to define. “I like the freedom to shoot whatever I want and try and experience new ideas and new ways of shooting,” Jacob explained. The act of traveling and putting himself in new and unfamiliar settings is a great source of inspiration for his work. His photography has taken him all over the world, and to some incredibly beautiful locations.

One photoshoot that stands out in his mind took place last year in Bali, Indonesia, a lifestyle shoot that involved two models in a luxury hotel in Ubud. “The hotel was in the middle of the jungle and it had the most beautiful infinite pool overlooking the jungle,” he recalled. “I remember that day as one of those days where I pinched myself in the arm and reminded myself to be grateful for my job.”

Jacob’s workhorse camera is a Canon 5DSR with a variety of prime lenses. He strives to get every shot right in the camera so his studio’s work requires very little post-processing. At times, they may shoot in locations that require the removal of brandnames or other touchups, but for the most part, there are minimal alterations done to photos. Jacob Lund Studio uses Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw to develop their RAW files, an important part of their workflow.

Jacob’s studio has enjoyed a great deal of success, but he noted that the industry is very competitive because these days, just about everyone has a camera so you have to work harder to separate yourself from the crowd. “With today’s technology, it’s easier than ever before to get started producing high quality photography,” he said. “You can shoot, edit, and publish your photos in seconds. Just look at all the amazing photography people post on Instagram everyday.”

In that same vein, he offered some advice for novice photographers and those who’d like to one day pursue a career in photography. “Just go shoot and start simple,” he urged. “We tend up to come up with hundreds of excuses not to pursue our dreams. Excuses like ‘I don’t have the time, I don’t have the money, I don’t have the right camera, I don’t have any models to shoot,’ etc. The moment you make the decision to actually just go shoot, you have taken the first and probably most important step. After taking the first step you start building the momentum that will help you obtain what you want to achieve.”

Jacob would know, because that’s the same path he forged for himself as he grew his own career in the field. His determination has led to remarkable success, and ultimately, immeasurable happiness, because he’s doing the thing he’s most passionate about. As creative people, what more could we ask for?

The team behind Jacob Lund Photography puts forth an incredible effort to publish the best work it possibly can. On top of that, Jacob recently began a two-year training period for two photographers in Cape Town; between working his own photoshoots, he’s doing his best to provide them with plenty of opportunities to develop their skills, as well.

Jacob Lund offers more than 6,300 photographs that can be licensed through YouWorkForThem, a stunning collection of life captured in still images. His studio’s work is inspiring, engaging, and beautifully rendered, featuring people and places that are interesting and visually captivating.

To see even more of their work and to stay informed about what they’re up to, follow Jacob Lund Photography on Instagram and Facebook! We’re looking forward to seeing their future work, and we wish the studio all the best in their endeavors!