Dustin Lee grew up enamored with the design aesthetics of midcentury America. His first introduction to the iconic style came with his discovery of comic books, old hardware boxes, and cone-top beer cans found in his uncle’s garage. While he admired the texture and authenticity of the original objects, he found it nearly impossible to replicate them digitally.

As an adult, a year spent taking care of his grandmother afforded him ample opportunity to revisit treasured antiques and midcentury memorabilia. Scanning product boxes and poring through vintage treasures, he dedicated a great deal of time to learning the art of replicating the textures of those objects digitally, but with realistic results.

Dustin eventually went on to establish RetroSupply Co., a digital marketplace and indispensable resource for mid-twentieth century goodies. The company primarily specializes in crafting tools that enable graphic designers to create images with authentic-looking midcentury charisma. Their products include brushes, layer styles, textures, fonts, and print effects, which make it easy for designers to get that vintage style in a fraction of the time.

One of RetroSupply Co.’s most recent releases is Transistor, a super-condensed font that instantly brings to mind product packaging and title sequences from the 1950s. Transistor’s lanky posture is simple, yet steeped in tradition – back in the day, similar letter sets could be found on just about everything hardware-related. In fact, an old RCA transistor radio, a treasure straight from RetroSupply Co.’s favorite era, served as the inspiration for the font’s name.

Designed by Scott Fuller, Transistor instantly adds a heavy touch of midcentury authenticity to every project. It’s beautiful in logos, branding, merchandise, apparel, posters, title sequences, book covers, album covers, and any project that needs a vintage flair.

Equipped with standard ligatures and fractions, Transistor provides multilingual support for Basic Latin, Western European, Euro, and Pan African Latin languages for global accessibility.

If you love working with midcentury design, RetroSupply Co. should be at the top of your list of resources so visit their portfolio and bookmark it right away. They currently offer 80 products on YouWorkForThem, a variety of useful and effective tools that continues to grow.