Stawix Foundry was established by Stawix Ruecha, a Bangkok-based typographer with an inquisitive mind and an obsession with good lettering. Early on in his university studies, he was enamored with the aesthetic principles behind typography, questioning why there were so many typefaces and wondering how they were made, his fascination driving him to learn everything he possibly could about the structure and delicacy of design.

Even now, firmly established in his career as a typographer, Stawix sees his profession as a never-ending learning experience. With every new type design he creates, he continually challenges himself to cultivate his own personal growth and experience in the field.

Stawix Foundry has three primary ambitions. “First, our foundry was founded in the hope of starting a movement by designing Latin fonts and Thai alphabets that are suitable, in terms of design, for both languages while providing new possibilities,” Stawix said. “Second, we aim to enhance and maintain the standards of the Thai Type Design industry with fresh ideas. And lastly, we want to continue to pass on our knowledge of type design to the next generation of designers.”

One of Stawix Foundry’s latest releases is Merlod, a contemporary sans serif inspired by Latin American sign painting. Designed by Kawisara Vacharaprucks, Merlod is a flavorful blend of letterforms that are strong in their overall architecture, with graceful arcs and rounded curves that radiate a pleasant disposition.

Merlod is a beautiful choice for menus, product packaging, signage, displays, advertising, logos, book covers, web content, and mobile applications. Its range of weights and widths makes it well-suited to branding or identity projects where design cohesion is needed across multiple media channels.

Designed to be exceedingly versatile, Merlod is a family of 21 fonts and includes seven weights that range from Thin to Black, each available in three styles: Norme, Autre and Queue. It offers standard ligatures, localized forms, and a series of stylistic alternates for additional flexibility. Merlod’s multilingual support extends to Basic Latin, Western European, Euro, Catalan, Baltic, Turkish, Central European, Romanian, Pan African Latin, Dutch, and Afrikaans for exceptional global accessibility.

Right now through October 20, 2017, Merlod is on sale for 85% off of its regular price so it’s a great time to add this one to your collection.

Stawix Foundry currently offers 12 products through YouWorkForThem and we always look forward to seeing their new work. Visit their portfolio to view the rest of their products and bookmark it to watch for future additions!