Fadhl Waliy Haqq’s interest in lettering and calligraphy began while he was a young child growing up in Surakarta, Indonesia. It wasn’t until 2012, however, that his passion for lettering fully manifested itself, inspiring Fadhl to teach himself the art of typography.

In 2015, he started his personal type foundry, Akufadhl, an endeavor that allows Fadhl to fully embrace his creativity, to openly explore the structures of new letterforms, and to express himself freely, all the while learning new things along the way. His work typically begins with basic sketches that are later scanned into the computer and vectorized. The Cairo-based designer has a fondness for vintage-inspired typography and hand-lettered signage, two key inspirations evidenced in much of his work. Fadhl also has a particular love for fonts that are rich in personality, extensive features, and alternate characters – qualities that he strives to include in his own work in order to accommodate the varied needs of graphic designers.

One of his latest releases is Rolade Pro, a contemporary and rounded sans serif that breaks away from Fadhl’s more retro-themed designs. Rolade Pro is modern and fresh, a friendly all-purpose sans that’s well suited to wide variety of applications. Its lighter weights make for highly-legible and comfortable reading in editorials, magazines, e-books, presentations, product packaging details, mobile apps, and web copy. Rolade Pro’s heavier weights easily accommodate headlines, displays, advertising, product packaging, and logos.

The complete range of widths offer a lot of options for fluid design cohesion, making this font family an excellent choice for branding and identity projects. Rolade Pro’s heaviest weight is a beautiful option for children’s book covers because of its bubbly personality, while Bold and Medium would both work well as text for beginning or early readers.

Available in six weights that range from Thin to Black with corresponding italics for each, Rolade Pro is positively packed with additional features that include capitals to small caps, contextual alternates, stylistic alternates, case sensitive forms, fractions, discretionary ligatures, standard ligatures, tabular figures, oldstyle figures, small caps, and swash for extensive versatility. Its multilingual support is impressive, as well, covering Basic Latin, Western European, Euro, Catalan, Baltic, Turkish, Central European, Romanian, Vietnamese, Pan African Latin, and Igbo Onwu for global accessibility.

Right now, Rolade Pro is on sale for 70% off of its regular price through September 25, 2017 so it’s a great time to add this one to your font collection!

Fadhl currently offers eight products through YouWorkForThem and we’re looking forward to seeing his future work. Visit Akufdhl’s portfolio to view the rest of his work and bookmark it so you won’t miss any new additions!