Jeremy Dooley is the man behind insigne Type Design Studio, an incredibly successful venture that focuses on both commercial and bespoke typography. Initially founded as DooleyType in 2004, insigne (with a lowercase “i”) offers more than 110 products on YouWorkForThem, an impressive array of type designs for just about any and every occasion.

Jeremy found his way into the field of typography by way of a college project. Instructed to create a poster on a type designer of his choice, he opted to choose Adrian Frutiger (1928-2015), a Swiss designer whose work extended through three eras of typesetting and heavily influenced the course of type design along the way. By the end of that poster project, Jeremy had found a new and lifelong passion: type design. While he initially began as a self-taught hobbyist, he eventually pursued the career full-time and hasn’t looked back since.

Much of his work ties into the essence of branding because he feels that type is “the foundation of advanced visual communication.” Type designs, when well chosen, have the distinct ability to persuade an audience, to pique their interest and convince them of the message you’re trying to convey. For Jeremy, solid and successful branding relies on custom type for that reason – it’s how an individual or company presents itself to the world while standing apart from the rest of their competition.

While he enjoys working on what he describes as the “fundamental blocks of written communication,” he finds that typography offers an unmatched level of job security. No matter how far technology goes, the world will always need fonts.

Jeremy equates his letter sets to Lego™ bricks, systems that allow designers to take what he’s created and build what they will. For this reason, he works hard to provide extensive versatility with every release. One of his latest releases is Belda, an elegant family of 54 beautiful serif fonts with a subtly romantic flair.

Lovingly embracing the architecture of Roman classical calligraphy, Belda’s structure is reminiscent of stone chiseled by hand, imparting a tangible sense of strength, solidity, and spirit. Belda is polished and well made, presenting itself with a delicate, yet determined posture that makes it appropriate for both text and titling applications.

Belda’s lighter weights are suited for book publishing and long-form text, producing stunning works of literature that are as beautiful as they are comfortable to read. Belda’s full range of weights makes it an impressive choice for an expansive variety of projects, including headlines, editorials, book covers, posters, movie titles, advertising, product packaging, upscale restaurant menus, and even elegant party invitations or event programs.

Belda is available in Thin, Light, Regular, Book, Medium, Demi, Bold, ExBold, and Black with corresponding italics for each, and it offers each of those weights in Normal, Extra, and Condensed widths for a total of 54 fonts. Additional versatility is provided through oldstyle figures, small caps, superscript, scientific inferiors, swash, and stylistic and titling alternates. Multilingual support extends to Basic Latin, Western European, Euro, Catalan, Baltic, Turkish, Central European, Pan African Latin, Dutch, and Afrikaans for global accessibility.

Jeremy currently offers more than 110 products through Insigne’s portfolio and we recommend you check them out! With a range of sans, sans serifs, hand-drawn display fonts, and elegant scripts, you’re sure to find something you absolutely love.