Tyler Finck is a fellow who certainly fits the role of a true “Renaissance man.” Beyond his talents in typography and graphic design, he’s also an accomplished musician, photographer, and filmmaker, among many other things. He lives and breathes creative pursuits, having designed websites, logos, iPhone apps, party games, and even bird feeders.

Right now, we’re wondering if there’s anything Tyler can’t do.

(The answer is: probably not.)

Tyler’s work is everywhere because he finds inspiration in everything. His designs have been licensed by notable companies that include NASA, Target, Whole Foods, NBC Universal, and 3M, just to name a very select few. He’s also had songs featured in shows on Lifetime, USA, and MTV.

He’s an exceptional artist and creator with a brilliant eye for design, qualities that become even more evident in one of his latest releases, Atiga.

Atiga is “a subtly distinct sans that can do it all,” as Tyler describes it. The font’s architecture is neutral and completely balanced, its posture maintaining a quiet confidence. Atiga is clean and polished, demonstrating an elegance that is contemporary and absolutely timeless.

It was, in fact, designed with that in mind. Atiga really can do it all, from headlines to editorials, web content, body copy, print and digital publishing, corporate communications, letterhead, presentations, infographics, and website design. With crisp legibility in small point, it’s also an ideal choice for business cards, labels, mobile applications, and fine print.

With eight weights that range from Thin to Black with corresponding italics for each, Atiga is a beautiful choice for identity and branding projects that require strong design cohesion through multiple media applications. Its multilingual support covers Basic Latin, Western European, Euro, Baltic, Turkish, Central European, Romanian, Pan African Latin, and Pinyin for great accessibility.

Tyler Finck currently offers 14 products through YouWorkForThem, a diverse portfolio built to suit a variety of graphic design applications. We always look forward to his new releases and we recommend you bookmark his portfolio so you won’t miss any!