As part of a new blog series, we’ve been talking directly with some of YouWorkForThem’s partners to find out what products they’re most proud of and why, mingling their choices with some of our own to present a fresh batch of Foundry Favorites each week!

Continuing this series, we spoke with Sam Parrett from Set Sail Studios, a website and online store for graphic design tools and resources. With a rich history in design for the music industry, Sam’s work is intensely passionate and thoughtful, demonstrating a clear preference for handwritten scripts that reveal a lot of personality. His work has seen incredible success on YouWorkForThem, capturing three out of ten spots on our Top Ten Fonts Of 2016.

Misguided is a chaotic medley of brush strokes that work together in perfect visual harmony, resulting in one of Sam’s personal favorites. “I wanted to step out of my comfort zone a little with this font, and throw in some major inconsistencies in both size and weight,” Sam told us. “I was really happy with how it turned out and I think it gave the font a really unique characteristic.” We’re inclined to agree; Misguided is playful and untamable, a tousled exploration of watercolor brush strokes that are brimming with spirited personality. It’s a perfect choice for handwritten quotes, posters, logos, product packaging, social media memes, and inspiring merchandise.

If you miss the days of Miami Vice, look no further than Bayshore. “The font itself is quite simple, but it was more the inspiration behind it and designing some of the promotional images which I really enjoyed. For a couple of weeks I was immersed in all things 80’s which was ‘totally radical’ (that’s 80’s speak for thoroughly enjoyable),” Sam explained. Bayshore is a monoline cursive type design with a glamorous, urban edge; you can practically feel the warm ocean breeze exhaling through your permed hair. It’s a great option for logos, merchandise, product packing, album covers, and any project that needs a heavy dose of 80s surf and sunshine.

Another one of Sam’s favorite type designs is Wild Spirit. “I put a lot of emotion into this release and promoted it with quite a strong message about not letting anyone hold you back from being yourself or reaching your true potential,” he expressed. “It sounds a bit dramatic but I think I give a little bit of myself with every font, and it was great to see it received so well in this case!” Indeed, Wild Spirit is uninhibited and fiercely independent, living deeply in every moment without constraint. It’s a beautiful and expressive choice for handwritten quotes, inspirational social media, posters, branding, logos, labels, and product packaging that wants to create an airy atmosphere of celebration.

SuperFly is a heavier cursive script with a contemporary, urban flair. “This font combined a lot of ideas from my previous releases; a textured brush font but with a stylish, handwritten flow to it. It’s really fun to play around with and it’s perfect for any design brief in need of a splash of energy,” Sam told us. SuperFly is smart and modern, lending its bold edginess to advertising, merchandise, product packaging, logos, posters, social media images, album covers, and branding.

YouWorkForThem has several of our own favorites among Set Sail Studio’s portfolio, including Dope Script, Fresh Script, Scrumptious, and Crystal Sky.

Heavy strokes with coarse edges are the primary hallmarks of Dope Script, a handcrafted brush script with loads of personality. Written with a subtle twinge of serious attitude, Dope Script delivers its message with a raw authenticity that refuses to be ignored. It’s a perfect choice for bold merchandise, posters, inspiring social media images, branding, logos, and product packaging that has something important to say to the world.

We’re also loving Fresh Script, a vivid, cursive brush script with a wildly youthful edge. Impulsive, quick strokes speak with confidence and intent, making Fresh Script a brilliant type design for inspirational displays and signage, striking logos, eye-catching merchandise, and self-assured product packaging. It includes key lowercase alternates that provide designers with more flexibility, making it easy to create unique combinations and one-of-a-kind results.

If you’re looking for excitement and artistic flexibility, Scrumptious is another one of our favorite fonts from Set Sail Studios. Playful and energetic, Scrumptious is the ultimate signature-style handwriting font, offering three unique lettersets that will allow you to craft words and phrases that appear to be genuinely written by hand. This type design is the ultimate “signature” touch in branding, quotes, web content, business cards, logos, photographs, digital artwork, greeting cards, merchandise, and so much more.

While Scrumptious is exceedingly bubbly and happy, Crystal Sky brings a little more sass to the table and we totally love that. This charming, cursive type design carries a bit more sophistication and culture, making it a great option for design projects that take a slightly more serious approach. It has just enough bounce to keep it playful, with an underlying elegance simmering just beneath the surface. Crystal Sky is beautiful on greeting cards, stationery, business cards, digital artwork and photography, inspirational quotes, merchandise, identity, and branding.

If you adore versatile handwritten fonts, you have to check out Set Sail Studios’ portfolio. With more than 30 products currently available, you’re sure to find the perfect script for your next design project!