Chatnarong Jingsuphatada began his career in typography while working in the field of graphic design. When he found himself unable to find the absolute perfect font for a project, he opted instead to create his own. Two years after launching his own exploration into type design, he gained enough experience and confidence to establish his own label, Superstore Font Foundry.

Based in Bangkok, Chatnarong is always busy working on new typefaces in a career he’s intensely passionate about. Released through his personal foundry label, Typesketchbook, one of his latest type designs is Mates Malty, a handcrafted script font with a lot of personality.

Mates Malty is modern calligraphy with an organic feel, featuring uneven textures and imperfections that resulted from the writing process. Chatnarong drew the font using pen on paper before converting it to digital format. Using FontLab to adjust kerning and metrics, Mates Malty took about two months to complete.

“I love the feeling when I draw a font on paper with real stationary,” Chatnarong told us, adding that the effect feels as if time has somehow turned itself backward to when he was young. He had a lot of fun with the creation of Mates Malty because it allowed him to explore different styles of handwriting that emerged through the use of paint brushes, markers, and ink pens.

Because he wanted a handmade feel to this type design, he found it rather difficult at times to decide exactly which details to keep and which ones he should abandon. One thing Chatnarong knew from the very beginning, however, was that he wanted to provide plenty of styles that would allow designers to mix and match them together to suit their creative works harmoniously.

He absolutely succeeded in his task.

Mates Malty Brush features a gorgeous and carefree script with a decidedly casual and easy-going vibe. This connected script is bouncy with little care for formality, making it an excellent choice for greeting cards, apparel designs, “handwritten” notes, and signature-style logos or product package design. Mates Malty Brush also features a Dry variation, as if it were written with a dry brush, as well as a weathered and worn Rust version.

Mates Malty Inkpen is a mostly all-caps style written with a thinner pen tip. The letterforms are solid, yet they offer the same charming imperfections as the rest of the Mates Malty family. Mates Malty Inkpen also includes a Rust variation for a more rugged, distressed appearance. Both Inkpen versions are assets to organic product packaging, sharable social media images, inspirational quotes, apparel, merchandise, and digital artwork.

Mates Malty Marker provides the heaviest, boldest strokes of the lot. This all-caps variant is great for signage and large displays, product package designs, advertising, and posters. Mates Malty Marker, like its Inkpen sibling, comes in a Rust style for adding that perfectly-aged appearance to vintage-themed designs.

To complete the family and offer designers even more versatility in their work, Mates Malty Extras offers 103 glyphs of icons, handy catchwords, numbers, ornaments, banners, and buttons.

Mates Malty extends multilingual support to Basic Latin, Western European, Euro, Baltic, Turkish, Central European, Romanian, Pan African Latin, and Basic Greek for exceptional worldwide accessibility.

Right now through June 30, 2017, Mates Malty is on sale for 85% off of its regular price so if you’re loving this font family as much as we are, it’s the perfect time to add it to your font cache.

Chatnarong currently offers 25 products through Typesketchbook’s portfolio on YouWorkForThem and he’s got many new things in store for the coming year, so check back often to see his newest releases!