Olga Zakharova is a typographer and accomplished illustrator who most often finds inspiration outdoors, exploring the natural world with a good cup of coffee in-hand. Born and raised in her native Russia, Olga resides part time in both Latvia and Thailand, a nomadic lifestyle that effortlessly suits her spirited personality.

Much of Olga’s work is a medley of organically drawn, playful illustrations that begin as simple ink upon paper, later digitized with care and absolute reverence for her craft. She most often works on loose leaf printer paper, a methodology that emerged from an anxiety that as artists, most of us can easily relate to: the fear of messing things up. It does, however, come with one small drawback, as Olga observed. “The only disadvantage to this is that it’s not easy to organize things after I’m done with creating stuff.”

We’ve all been there one time or another. (Many, many, many times.)

These days, Olga has discovered an affinity for creating distinctive, hand drawn maps that capture the spirit of a historic location in illustrative form. Her unique drawing style blends seamlessly into this particular craft and the public’s reception of her work has been exceedingly positive so far.

While she’s certainly made a name for herself as an illustrator with an individual and signature style, Olga also creates beautiful typography of a similar form. As she develops a new font, she typically begins sketching letters, numbers, and words without particular rhyme or reason. This allows her to capture the spirit of the font — even if it takes dozens of pages to achieve.

One of her more recent releases on YouWorkForThem is Asparagus, a hand drawn brush script that’s steeped in whimsy and joy. Asparagus is simply happiness personified, a lighthearted letter set that invokes a smile wherever it presents itself.

Asparagus is beautiful on organic food packaging and advertising, but it’s also a charming option for greeting cards, fashion spreads, graphic t-shirts, book covers, posters, and any creative project that needs a heavy dose of merriment.

Asparagus offers discretionary ligatures, terminal forms, initial forms, and stylistic alternates for extended design flexibility. Multilingual support for Asparagus includes Basic Latin, Western European, Euro, Baltic, Turkish, Central European, Romanian, and Pan African Latin languages for easy global accessibility.

Olga currently offers ten products on YouWorkForThem, a medley of handcrafted and original typography that is making us swoon. We’re looking forward to seeing her future work and if you love hand drawn type designs with a lot of personality, don’t miss the rest of her portfolio!