PintassilgoPrints initially began with a heavy focus on screen printing, illustration, and graphic design. Its founders, Erica Jung and Ricardo Marcin, are true artists in everything they do. As art so often evolves over time, Erica and Ricardo’s primary focus turned toward typography and handcrafted lettering.

Their love for the craft is evident in every type design they create together and their latest release, Plumcake, is no exception.

“Plumcake was born from flipping through a book by a Brazilian graphic artist we profoundly admire, Ziraldo,” Erica told us. While it does not directly draw its inspiration from any specific letterforms found in the book, nestled among the many hyper-expressive typefaces within the text lay simple, condensed, hand-drawn sans, all-caps type specimens with roughened edges that seemed to steal the scene. The idea seemed so useful to Erica and Ricardo, and inspired the pair to make a type design based on those concepts.

Plumcake is an expressive and informal display font with an atmosphere of confidence and bold personality. It can be silly, playful, or serious — even menacing, if used in the right context — making it fluidly adaptable to its surroundings, like the text-version of a chameleon.

“For this release it was especially cool designing the posters to showcase the fonts. We love how its proportions turned out,” Erica expressed.

Plumcake’s mood is easily modified by its placement and artistic intent, making it appropriate for a wide variety of themes and projects that include children’s books, graphic novels, posters, digital art prints, apparel, and greeting cards. It’s available in Light and Regular weights, accentuated by discretionary ligatures, alternates, and swashes for additional design flexibility.

Multilingual support for Plumcake extends to Basic Latin, Western European, Euro, Catalan, Baltic, Turkish, Central European, Romanian, Pan African Latin, and Dutch languages for worldwide accessibility.

If you adore handcrafted type designs, check out the rest of PintassilgoPrints’ portfolio on YouWorkForThem. Keep an eye out for new additions because Erica and Ricardo are working on a number of projects. “We’re finishing a quite different family, at least for our library, composed by a slab serif and two sans serifs. It’s turning out really nice,” Erica said.

While they vastly prefer upper-case letterforms, they have noticed a need for lowercase counterparts in some of their all-caps fonts. To that end, they’re developing lowercase letter sets for some of their best selling fonts, including Daft Brush, Brush Up, and Populaire. It’s a lengthy process, to be sure, but these additions will give designers a lot to look forward to.