Nestled in Toronto, Ontario, Canada Type is a digital type studio whose work has found its way around the world and back many times over, licensing their lettersets to global giants that include BBC, New York Times, Pixar, Disney, and the Vancouver Winter Olympics in 2010. Take a glimpse into their extensive portfolio and it’ll only take a moment to see why: Canada Type’s body of work traverses a broad range of trends and applications with impeccable attention to detail.

Established by Rebecca Alaccari and Patrick Griffin in 2004, Canada Type has always been intensely passionate about their chosen craft and they understand the mechanics behind quality font design. “A font is really the sum of how its forms work together in any combination you throw at them,” Patrick told us. “For that to happen, you need attention to detail and a lot of patience.”

This patience and unwavering contemplation of even the finest details have been hallmarks of Canada Type’s products over the last thirteen years. Taking a walk into the past, both in terms of release and theme, Miedinger is a uni-case sans serif released in 2008.

This geometric wonder was inspired by the work of Max Miedinger, a midcentury graphic designer and typographer, and the font’s namesake. While little is known about the life of Max Miedinger, he previously worked for the Haas foundry until the mid 1950s, leaving to pursue a career in freelance graphic design. Max Miedinger designed Neue Haas Grotesk, a font that you may not have heard of but have most certainly used; these days, it goes by the name, Helvetica.

With Miedinger, Canada Type pays homage to a type designer whose work has touched every graphic designer in some way, whether they were aware of it or not. A digitized version of Max Miedinger’s 1964 release, Horizontal, Miedinger honors the robust architecture of the original and fully embraces its geometrical modularity.

Miedinger is wide and thin, a lean all-caps letterset that carries itself with confidence and influence. Miedinger Bold is a digital model of the original Horizontal and amplifies these characteristics, standing with a fortitude that effortlessly conveys its dominance. Both variants are quite at home in headlines, advertising, posters, book covers, branding, logos, and product packaging that demands attention.

Miedinger offers standard ligatures and extends multilingual support to Basic Latin, Western European, Euro, Baltic, Turkish, Central European, and Pan African Latin languages for global accessibility.

Canada Type currently offers 164 products through YouWorkForThem, but they’re always working on new projects so keep an eye out for future additions!