Chatnarong Jingsuphatada is a Bangkok-based graphic designer with a passion for typography. As most graphic designers will attest, it’s often difficult (if not at times, impossible) to find the right font for a project, so Chatnarong took it upon himself to start designing his own. “Dealing with different kinds of work,” he told us, “I wanted to create my own fonts so I started to research different types and styles of fonts in the market.” After gaining two years of type design experience under his belt, he launched Superstore Font Foundry. In 2012, he made his work available internationally and began selling his type designs through YouWorkForThem.

“Having been a graphic designer, I have the insight of what graphic designers want and need regarding the usage and interestingness of fonts in their artwork,” Chatnarong said. He strives to create letter sets that are versatile, attractive, and appealing to current and diverse design trends.

One of his latest releases is Betm Rounded, the rounded version of Betm, a powerful geometric sans serif. “I wanted to make it more friendly so I started making a rounded version combined with Betm’s structure,” Chatnarong explained. This proved to be a bit of a challenge, he observed, because the case structure of Betm is very strong and acute. Through the use of circular shapes in every corner, Chatnarong was able to soften the characters’ architecture to achieve the effect he was after. He is particularly fond of the slope in the letter, “t,” a detail he feels sets it apart from other fonts.

Betm Rounded is a warm, approachable sans serif with a high degree of legibility, even in small point. It presents itself with a somewhat casual demeanor, yet its subdued sophistication makes it appropriate for a wide variety of design projects. Betm Rounded is fantastic in web content and mobile applications, headlines, editorials, advertising, poster design, book covers and body text, business cards, logos, branding, and product packaging.

Betm Rounded is available in ten weights that range from Thin to ExtraBlack with corresponding italics for each. Its multilingual support extends to include Basic Latin, Western European, Euro, Baltic, Turkish, Central European, Romanian, Pan African Latin, and Basic Greek for thorough accessibility.

Right now, Betm Rounded is on sale for 85% off of its regular price through March 12, 2017 so it’s a great time to get this one.

Chatnarong currently offers 20 type designs through YouWorkForThem. You’ll definitely want to visit his portfolio and bookmark it to watch for future additions. Chatnarong is planning to launch five new products in 2017:

  • Grimpt, a fashion script;
  • Gliny, a handmade script;
  • More, a sans serif with three options;
  • Calps, a condensed sans serif;
  • Vild Scapes, a handmade script;

Chatnarong is clearly a busy man these days and we’re really looking forward to seeing all of these new type designs as he releases them later this year!