Jason Vandenberg is a graphic designer who specializes in branding and package design. “I believe typography is integral to the success of a project,” the Toronto, Ontario native told us. “I began developing type with my design work in mind, and thinking other designers may find them useful.”

As a type designer, Jason publishes fonts through his own foundry, GreyscaleType. His work targets designers’ needs for contemporary lettering and substantial versatility. “I think utility is key for a font,” Jason observed. “Whether it’s a clean sans serif, or an ornate script, it should be easy for a designer to both use and to communicate with.”

His latest type design, Town, is a massive family of 124 fonts that take a decidedly Art Deco spin. While the letter sets leave a vintage impression, they offer a sophisticated modern styling that blends seamlessly into contemporary design aesthetics.

“I like the exploration of initial sketching, and typing with a font for the first time,” Jason said, although with Town, knowing where to stop was a challenge. “It began with the inline and dimensional styles, and then I kept drawing more and more.”

Town provides designers with the ability to mix-and-match the display and decorative styles while still maintaining coherent visual harmony. The design options are practically limitless when you consider the endless combinations of shadows, outlines, inlines, and three-dimensional effects available, all of which will result in truly one-of-a-kind designs for branding and identity purposes.

Town is ideal for eye-catching advertising, posters, book covers, product packaging, elegant menus, invitations, event programs, web content, and mobile applications. Multilingual support extends to Basic Latin, Western European, Euro, Catalan, Baltic, Turkish, Central European, Romanian, and Pan African Latin for considerable accessibility.

Town is on sale for 85% off of its regular price through March 1, 2017 so it’s a great time to add this Art Deco powerhouse to your font cache.

We’re loving Jason’s portfolio on YouWorkForThem and we’ll be watching for his upcoming additions. “I have started exploration sketches on a script family as well as a display family,” he told us. He is also grateful for the design community’s continued support of his work, adding, “Thank you for supporting my obsession with type!”

The pleasure is all ours, Jason.