Alexander Kuzmin is the portrait and fine-art photographer behind Presetrain Co. A master of post-process, Alexander creates some of the most intriguing, useful, and beautiful presets for Lightroom. “I’ve been a portrait photographer for more than 14 years now,” said Alexander, “so the main inspirations come from my art projects and my own workflow.”

“There’s no such thing as a magic button…”

His extensive experience in the field of portrait photography gives him an intuition for designing presets, in addition to actions for Photoshop. “I try not to invent anything or scrape the barrel, I just take the groundwork and things that I know for sure worked for me,” Alexander acknowledged in reference to color schemes and tricky photo effects.

His greatest challenge lies in maximizing the versatility of his Lightroom presets and Photoshop actions. “We all know that both Lightroom presets and Photoshop actions can behave quite differently depending on the source image, shooting conditions, camera model/matrix and settings,” he said. For this reason, he encourages people to make their own tweaks and adjustments to achieve the exact look they’re after. “There’s no such thing as a ‘magic button,'” Alexander admits, “but I believe that finding style and consistency is very important in any photographer’s workflow, and my products were built to help with these.”

June Matte Lightroom Presets, for instance, provide a soft matte toning that invokes the essence of summer. Featuring nine non-destructive, editorial-quality presets, June Matte creates an atmosphere of sunshine and warmth, regardless of the original photograph’s lighting or season. These presets are ideal for fashion photography, portrait photography, landscapes, and event photography.

Aurum Portrait Lightroom Presets are worth their weight in gold – literally. Aurum offers warm toning through gold, yellow gold, and red gold, with varied degrees of subtlety and a host of preset variations. Aurum is best used on studio photography or natural light photography.

Albion Dark Fantasy Presets offers 48 presets in a wide range of toning and atmosphere. These editorial-quality presets take natural light, fashion, and landscape photography to dramatic heights, giving photographers an array of options to work with.

“I love searching for that best style, theme or mood for the given topic/genre,” Alexander told us. “I know photographers often complain about having to do lots of post-processing work after the actual shooting. For me, this is where the real fun starts!”

He’s incredibly skilled at capturing a particular mood through post-process. Bjorndale Lightroom Preset Pack, MerryChrome Lightroom Preset Pack, and Honeymoon Lightroom Presets are but a few of his most beautiful offerings through YouWorkForThem, each with their individual personality and spirit.

If you’re a photographer or graphic designer who works with photographs or fine art images, you’ll definitely want to check out the rest of Presetrain Co.’s portfolio┬ábecause Alexander has big things in the works. “I’m currently working on a large photographer’s kit I want to release on YouWorkForThem, so people who want to purchase several of my presets or actions could save big,” he mentioned. He tries to publish new tools monthly, some of which are based on his creative projects and series. Whatever Alexander’s creative future brings, we’re certainly looking forward to it.