We love taking the opportunity to introduce the work of designers who have recently joined YouWorkForThem. Taner Ardali, an independent designer based in Istanbul, has a primary focus on typography and type design and is keenly interested in the geometrical design of a font. For him, it’s a tool that must simultaneously convey a message and a feeling to the viewer. As a graphic designer himself, Taner’s fun begins with seeking the perfect typeface for a project. This gives him a distinct notion of what other designers really need in a type design; the geometry and balance of black and white areas plays a sizable role in that endeavor.

When designing a character set, Taner said, “You have to make lots of complex visual judgements to create the right feeling.” Taner equates the process to the theory of relativity. “As a type designer,” Taner explained, “you have to know these optical effects and macro adjustments to get the right geometric perception to your typeface.” There aren’t any hard and fast rules to this process, but it does require a high degree of experience.

Taner’s favorite part of the design process is when he’s able to begin writing words and partial sentences digitally. “That’s the moment that you see your ideas and choices start breathing,” he told us. It also provides insight into potential problems with the overall design while it’s still in the development stages.

Taner’s first release on YouWorkForThem is Santral, a geometric sans serif. “The origin of the idea behind Santral,” Taner told us, “was adjusting the perfect balance between mathematical and optical values.” This equilibrium provides clear and concise letterforms that allow designers to communicate their message with clarity and intent.

Santral is a contemporary type design with subtly avant-garde undertones. Sharp and sophisticated, Santral is an ideal choice for editorials, headlines, corporate communication, eye-catching advertising layouts, branding, and identity. Available in twelve weights with corresponding italics for each, its multilingual support extends to include Basic Latin, Western European, Euro, Catalan, Baltic, Turkish, Central European, Romanian, Pan African Latin, Dutch, Afrikaans, and Basic Greek.

The Latin letterforms are always the biggest challenge for Taner because of the sheer number of local language letters. “You have to experience them to able to design them,” said Taner, who recalled drawing over the German letter Eszett with his calligraphic parallel pen, repeatedly, until he fully understood the letter’s calligraphic base. Deep knowledge of individual local letterforms is paramount because without it, Taner explained, “it is not possible to create the right consistency of letters.”

Beyond its multilingual support, Santral also provides fractions, capitals to small caps, standard ligatures, oldstyle figures, tabular figures, stylistic alternates, subscript, and superscript for thorough design flexibility.

While Taner currently only has one product available in his portfolio, you’ll want to watch for new additions. While he was in the process of working on Santral, Taner began formulating plans for a decorative or display version. “It is not going to be appropriate for text,” he said, specifying that while he hasn’t started it yet, the type design would have some extraordinary geometry in its main anatomical parts and be much better suited for short sentences or headlines. With that in mind, we’re excited to see what he shares in the future!