Jan-Christian Bruun is a Denmark-based designer who has a wealth of experience in brand building, corporate and visual identity, digital design, and product design, all of which give him an edge on what makes a good font for those applications. His design studio, JC Design, focuses primarily on type designs that feature an emphasis on brand identity and marketing purposes.

Jan-Christian’s latest product available through YouWorkForThem, Monrad Grotesk, is exactly what its name suggests: a grotesque version of Monrad, a sans serif released earlier in 2016. Subtly more rounded than its predecessor, particularly in the letters, a, e, and s, Monrad Grotesk also features distinct differences in the lowercase letters, g, p, q, and t.

Monrad Grotesk is a clean and contemporary type design that provides excellent legibility in mobile applications and web content. The modern simplicity of this font also makes it a fantastic choice for editorial use, as well as corporate correspondence, white papers, advertising, branding, and identity. Monrad Grotesk is strongly built with an element of professionalism that will convey any message with the utmost authority.

Monrad Grotesk is available in six weights with corresponding italics for each. Every version of this family is incredibly extensive, offering a staggering 1,944 glyphs for an insane amount of versatility. Multilingual support covers 150 languages, including Polytonic Greek and Basic Cyrillic. Monrad Grotesk’s additional features include capitals to small caps, case sensitive forms, fractions, standard ligatures, oldstyle and proportional figures, slashed zero, subscripts, superscripts, and stylistic alternates.

Jan-Christian Bruun’s complete portfolio on YouWorkForThem offers fonts that were designed specifically with brand building and identity in mind, so check it out, purchase your favorites, and bookmark it to keep an eye on future additions!