If you’re looking for the perfect touch of vintage flair for a design project, Burtons from Typewolves is an exceptional choice. Pairing a rustic serif with a decorative handwritten script, Burtons offers two distinct type designs that complement one another beautifully.

This font duo is effective on product packaging, particularly for wares that prefer a handcrafted, artisan approach to their finished presentation. Burtons is ideal for strong branding, identity, and logo design, as its letter forms effortlessly express a tone of familiarity, reliability, and timelessness. Advertising spreads and menu layouts will also take advantage of this modern classic, conjuring a sense of nostalgia and comfort in the viewer.

Burtons offers stylistic alternates and ligatures through OpenType, as well as symbols, punctuation, and international characters for additional language support.

Typewolves is a new foundry at YouWorkForThem and we’re excited to see what they add next! Visit their portfolio to view all of their products and keep an eye on this foundry because we’re sure that they’re going to be up to great things in the future.