We don’t need to tell you what time of year it is because the evidence of Christmas is all around us. It’s the hap-happiest season of all and to celebrate, we’ve put together a collection of fonts that are perfect for Christmastime design projects.

So while you’re busy checking out all of the products in our Christmas Fonts collection, put some Christmas music on (if you’re into that sort of thing) and sing along like nobody’s listening!

“On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me a font from YouWorkForThem!”

(Hey, if your true love does give you fonts for Christmas, that person is definitely a keeper.)

Milafleur from ParaType is a gorgeous collection of inky dingbats that will add a casual-yet-elegant touch to design projects. Contemporary and stylish with a feminine flair, Milafleur is a beautiful finishing accent on Christmas cards, gift tags, and handmade gifts.

Fantasy from Typesenses is a calligraphic type design that will instantly remind you of your favorite Christmas fairytale book from childhood. Softy antiqued with decorative initials and a ton of alternates and ornaments, Fantasy is a great choice for holiday-themed projects that need a sweet flourish.

If you’re taking a formal approach to your Christmas designs, Schwandner Ornaments from Intellecta Design will provide unparalleled elegance and sophistication. The ornaments and fleurons in this set are intricately drawn, adding a touch of the Victorian era to cards, envelopes, gift tags, and place cards worthy of the grandest holiday feast.

Vicomte FY is a quintessential calligraphy font from Black Foundry. This cursive font exudes grace and sophistication, and is an excellent choice for ornately designed greeting cards, prestigious gift tags, and stately place cards or programs for black-tie holiday events.

URW Bodoni Old Fashion is a clearly legible classic that’s well suited to serve as the text placed inside of greeting cards. When used in that way, this serif is a balanced accompaniment to just about any font that takes center stage on the cover. It’s also a dignified choice for holiday address labels and envelopes.

Christmas Doodles from Outside The Line is an adorably hand drawn set of dingbats that allow designers to add sweet accents to flyers, cards, and gift tags with ease. Christmas Doodles features snowflakes, trees, presents, ornaments, and holiday edibles, among other goodies.

Glowist from Flavor Type is steeped in vintage charm. The softly weathered edges of this letter set offer a casual expression through its elegant shape, resulting in a perfectly balanced type design that’s appropriate for a wide range of holiday projects. This all-caps font features small caps and stylistic alternates for extended design versatility.

LTC Holly Leaves is a dingbat font whose subject is its namesake. The holly branch encompasses the season, with rich green leaves and vibrant red berries it’s an iconic plant and decorative staple during this time of year. LTC Holly Leaves features dozens and dozens of leaf formations and berry combinations, making it an incredibly versatile timesaver that allows designers to create their own holly accents quickly and easily.

Yule has a rather Nordic feel with letterforms that fully embrace the wintertime. This type design from IHOF is informal and primitive, with its roots planted firmly in ancient script. While its basic  shapes are clean and exotic, Yule also offers snow-topped versions that will instantly add a wintery effect to any design project.

November Starlight from Set Sail Studios is a beautiful cursive script font with a vibrant personality. Written with an exultant hand, November Starlight embodies high spirits and happiness through untamed, feminine curls and flourishes. This is a particularly gorgeous choice for greeting cards, and is also lovely on gift tags, place cards, and holiday event programs.

For a more playful, unpredictable holiday design style, the Canvas Acrylic Megafamily from Yellow Design Studio is full of options: 39 of them, to be exact. Whether you’re looking for a casual script, a little more texture, an unconventional unicase letter set, a basic sans, or adorably distressed icons and flowers, this powerhouse font family has something for everyone. Now is a great time to grab this one; the Canvas Acrylic Megafamily is on sale for 50% off through December 25th!

Nevica is a youthful dingbat letter set from Magdalena Boffito. Sweetly drawn illustrations of clouds, snowflakes, snowmen, reindeer, and dozens of other Christmassy subjects will leave an especially whimsical touch on design projects aimed at children.

Graduate is a contemporary script font from Fontforecast, one that offers a host of OpenType features to maximize the versatility of its design. 827 glyphs include stylistic alternates, standard and discretionary ligatures, five numeral styles, and swashes for extensive flexibility. As if that weren’t enough, Graduate Ornaments includes a full set of Roman capitals and dozens of decorative ornaments for adding elegant finishing touches to holiday cards, envelopes, gift tags, place cards, and event programs. Until December 31, Graduate is on sale 75% off!

Love Christmas from Karandash Type is contemporary Christmas artistry. Featuring more than 170 beautifully swirled hand drawn ornaments, Love Christmas is an excellent choice for modern and sophisticated holiday greeting cards, gift tags, and handmade product labels.

Winter Wallflowers is packed with vintage appeal. This dingbat type design from Laura Worthington offers 25 wallpaper tiles and 61 additional festive icons that give designers plenty of  holiday illustrations to choose from. Argyle prints, flourished holly designs, tree decorations and lights, gift tags, and presents are just some of the goodies you’ll find within this set.

If you love the products we’ve featured in this post, there are plenty more to explore in our Christmas Fonts collection! Whether you’re naughty or nice (only Santa knows for sure), we wish you all a safe and happy holiday season!