Yep, you read that right: TEARS OF JOY!

True Grit Texture Supply is a master studio of all things textural, offering products that add a tangible depth of character to graphic artwork. It makes perfect sense considering that its founder, Andrew Fairclough, has spent more than 15 years experimenting with and perfecting textures for graphic applications. He uses real source materials in his work, such as mechanical copiers and toners for Nasty Copy Texture Kit, or distressed paper, ink, and card stock for Beat Tones Beat Up Halftone Brushes.

True Grit Texture Supply’s hand-crafted processes lend an authenticity that’s difficult, if not impossible, to find anywhere else. The results are astounding; Photoshop brushes and actions from True Grit Texture Supply create a variety of genuine textures in an instant, saving hours of valuable time for graphic designers.


For fans of distressed letterpress effects, True Grit Texture Supply’s latest release, Distress Press Ultimate Distressing Effects Kit, is an absolute must-have suite of Photoshop brushes and actions. This kit combines a variety of distressing effects, advanced masking techniques, and high-quality textured brushes that build layers of distressing, uniquely customizing your design projects with ease.

The Distress Press Distressing Action For Photoshop was designed to be completely non-destructive, safely preserving your original work. Contrast control and advanced masking of its multiple roughening filters create realistic effects without soft edges or glitches. The distressing action also contains presets that allow designers to add effects with the click of a button.


If the distressing action sounds a little overwhelming, don’t be afraid! ¡NO TENGA MIEDO! True Grit Texture Supply has provided interactive instructions and an instruction booklet to help you through every step. If you’re more of a visual learner, there’s even a video tutorial from Andrew that details the installation, basic use, and advanced brush techniques.

The Distress Press Brush Set For Photoshop contains more than 110 pressure sensitive brushes that will produce an incredible variety of effects. ¡ES ASOMBROSO! It’s amazing! The brush set has everything you need to add paper grain, noise, grunge, woodtype, rubber stamp textures, and high contrast grit with seamless results.


The brushes in this set have been optimized to work with drawing tablets and are applied like a digital ink, giving you complete control over their stroke weight and color. Along with a thorough video instruction, the Distress Press Brush Set also includes a brush “cheat sheet” booklet that details every single brush in the collection. And, as new brushes are added to the set, you’ll receive free updates so you’ll never miss a thing!

The Distress Press Ultimate Distressing Effects Kit is compatible with Photoshop CS5 and above, however the Distress Press Action requires CC 2015.5.0 users to upgrade (at no cost to Creative Cloud subscribers) to CC 2015.5.1.


If you love the Distress Press Ultimate Distressing Effects Kit as much as we do, you should definitely check out True Grit Texture Supply’s portfolio at YouWorkForThem and shout along with us: ¡TEXTURA PARA SIEMPRE!