RetroSupply Co. was originally founded by Dustin Lee in 2012. His creative market provides graphic artists with quality products that are both practical and innovative, employing the most-loved design elements from the mid-twentieth century. The timeless characteristics of RetroSupply Co.’s offerings evoke an atmosphere of a much simpler time, of a glorious era best observed through the rearview mirror of a brand new 1955 Ford Thunderbird.


Palm Canyon Drive is like a smooth ride along the Pacific Coast Highway. Designed by Amy Hood, Palm Canyon Drive is a family of six fonts that conjure the essence of vintage California. This monoline script conveys the elegance of 40s and 50s Hollywood, yet its laid back attitude is totally at home in cool and casual design projects. Palm Canyon Drive is a great choice for product packaging, branding, advertisements, and any design application that needs a West Coast retro vibe.



The Vector Brush Toolbox is an illustrator’s dream come true. Containing six brush packs for Adobe Illustrator, The Vector Brush Toolbox is a powerhouse bundle of digital implements for midcentury-inspired vector drawing. This massive set includes 32 ink scatter and sponge brushes, 40 ink pen brushes, 40 charcoal and pencil brushes, 35 halftone and line textures, 23 chalk brushes, and 30 ink and water brushes. Whether you’re working on commercial illustrations, vintage-themed signs and displays, or book illustrations with a 50s flair, The Vector Brush Toolbox has everything you’ll need for beautifully vintage vector illustrations.



RetroLift is a set of Photoshop actions that will add a three-dimensional retro effect to any font, instantly! RetroLift makes it a snap to add shadows and outlines that will make your favorite fonts pop right off the page with a single click. This set of Photoshop actions is fantastic for logos, displays, posters, and any design project that really wants to be noticed.



The Atomic Age Print Kit is a Smart PSD that adds the print effects of midcentury design to any project. If you dig the halftones and rough edge bleeds of old newsprint, or textured ink overlays, The Atomic Age Print Kit is an ideal addition to your design studio. This kit is completely non-destructive and everything is included in a single Smart PSD file. If you purchase now, The Atomic Age Print kit comes with two awesome bonus products: a refill pack that includes seven additional textures and a set of seven halftone brushes whose textures were taken from actual vintage newspapers!



The Hand Lettering Toolkit a seriously amazing set of 67 Photoshop brushes for illustrators. This incredible set includes inking pens, sketch pencils, 2B, 4B, 6B, markers, calligraphic pens, and a “cheat sheet” that helps designers locate the exact brush they’re looking for. The Hand Lettering Toolkit also includes six time lapse videos of Shauna Lynn Panczyszyn, the professional hand letterer who worked with RetroSupply Co. to create this kit, so designers can witness her lettering process firsthand. If you love hand lettering or you’re looking to improve your own hand lettering skills, this is an essential toolkit to own.



Mid-Century Print Pack contains five Photoshop actions that will turn any graphic design into a retro-fied work of midcentury art. If you’re looking for authenticity, look no further than RetroSupply Co.’s Mid-Century Print Pack. This set includes RetroMatic’s totally customizable ink offset, PhotoBaker for a truly 1950s feel in photos and illustrations, SparkPrint for instant halftone, InkChamp for a subtle ink starve, and The Blacksmith, an action that adds a roughened edge to any design. You can use each action alone, or you can combine them for a remarkably vintage effect.

RetroSupply Co. currently offers 20 amazing products at YouWorkForThem. If you’re a designer who loves the quintessential design elements of the 40s and 50s, you’ll definitely want to take a look at their portfolio and purchase your favorites today!