Texture is something that’s too often overlooked, yet it adds incredible depth and realism to any graphic design no matter how subtly it’s applied. The overall tone of an image is easily enhanced through the use of textures, as they have the ability to coax a particular mood from a piece of digital art. Texture also adds a “finishing touch” to digital design projects, turning an ordinary mass of flat pixels into something the viewer can almost feel beneath their fingertips.

Texture is the speciality of True Grit Texture Supply, created by Andrew Fairclough, a designer and illustrator based in Sydney, Australia. Andrew’s primary goal is his never-ending search for the “perfect” texture, one special attribute that will add dimension and detail to his work. While his pursuit may have begun with purely self-driven motivations, Andrew soon realized that other designers would greatly appreciate and benefit from the use of his textures, as well.

True Grit Texture Supply provides handmade textures and halftones for designers, allowing them to add a sense of nostalgia and tangible warmth to their finished works with ease.


Beat Tones Beat Up Halftone Brushes is a massive set of Photoshop brushes that let designers hit their work with 120 halftone dot brushes, 72 halftone line brushes, and 12 cross-hatched brushes. Beat Tones Beat Up Halftone Brushes behave like normal, pressure-sensitive digital paint brushes, providing the perfect vintage distressing to illustrations, logos, product packaging, and any other design projects that deserve a good beating from the retro-stick. This brush set is compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS6 and higher.


Nasty Copy Photocopy Texture Kit applies vintage photocopier textures to digital designs without the use of giant, mechanical beasts—the ones known for copying important paperwork alongside people’s bare asses. (It’s a hard job but somebody’s gotta do it, right?) Featuring 30 photocopy textures in TIFF format, a Photoshop action that quickly removes white backgrounds and places the texture on a transparent layer, a smart PSD template, and 7 toner grit brushes, Nasty Copy Photocopy Texture Kit was crafted on actual copiers using varying levels of toner density for an incredibly authentic appearance. This texture kit also includes an installation guide, a user guide for smart PSD, and free updates whenever new textures or brushes are added. Nasty Copy Photocopy Texture Kit is compatible with Adobe CS6 and higher.


Frames and Folds Texture Pack provides an impressive array of paper folds, crumples, paper borders, and frames in a variety of textures. With 40 textures in TIFF and vector format, 16 inky edges in layered PSDs, a transparent Photoshop action that removes the white background and places your texture on its own transparent layer, Frames and Folds Texture Pack is ideal for adding retro distressing to graphic design projects. This texture pack is perfect for posters, screen prints, and promotional flyers that need a grungy, worn veneer.


Gritty Vignettes Texture Pack was created from real-life source materials like concrete, paint rollers, ink, vintage paper stocks, and street grunge. Surrounding illustrations with texture from the Gritty Vignettes Texture Pack puts an immediate focus on the central image while adding a truly vintage, well-aged effect to finished design projects. The halftone textures in TIFF format are available in two distinct dot sizes, giving designers more flexibility in their work. This set also includes the same textures in vector format (with only one halftone dot size), a transparency Photoshop action that removes the white background and places the texture on a transparent layer, and a user guide to get you started.

For someone who began designing skateboard and snowboard graphics after receiving a business degree, Andrew Fairclough has certainly made a name for himself with his design work. Visit True Grit Texture Supply’s portfolio to view all of his available texture sets and make your purchases today.