Founded by Sean Coady in 2015, Vintage Type Co. is passionate about type designs that embody the spirit of notable periods throughout history. Their designs are as varied as the world’s past, offering a range of products that incorporate some of the most memorable characteristics of font designs from the glorious days of yore.


Anaheim Gothic is a sans serif font specifically designed for adding a vintage touch to packaging design and logos. The retro-inspired qualities of Anaheim Gothic still apply to modern design, appealing to a hipster generation who puts a high value on those aesthetics. Clean lines, upper and lowercase glyphs, basic ligatures, and multilingual support make this a versatile typeface for a variety of print and web applications.


Navy Queen is a rustic, nautical-inspired sans serif typeface whose weathered characteristics are absolutely gorgeous in print or digital displays. This all-caps font family is composed of three type styles that range from clean to varied amounts of distressing, allowing designers to achieve a truly well-worn vintage effect in their work. Navy Queen is reminiscent of the high seas during a time when wooden ships roamed the earth in search of new adventures, in an era when so many things were yet to be discovered. This display font is appropriate for logos, product packaging, posters, book covers, and just about any nautically-themed vintage design application.


Mystery Tour is pure Americana, evoking a period when traveling carnival shows routinely journeyed throughout the country in hand-painted caravans. Featuring a layered design that includes three typefaces (Clean, Decoration, and Shadow), Mystery Tour gives designers the ability to add an intricate depth to posters, logos, book covers, and product packaging.


Planet Rouge is a sans serif font inspired by the constructivist designs of early 20th century Russia. This typeface is available in two distinct styles. Planet Rouge features soft edges with a solid, inky impression, while Planet Rouge Rough provides a distressed, heavily worn effect for designs that need an authentically aged appearance. This font family offers multilingual support including basic Cyrillic, and it is perfect for posters, book covers, and logos that want to capture the essence of 20th century Soviet propaganda.


Dorchester is a woodcut design inspired by the Victorian era. Dorchester includes an additional highlight layer that creates an engraved, woodcut appearance on logos and product packaging. Chiseled corners extend a timeless elegance that lends a clean, vintage impression to design projects that need an antique flourish.


Drone Ranger is a font family that consists of a sans, a serif, and a special decorative version—each with their own inked and oblique counterparts. The nine styles that comprise Drone Ranger offer designers many alternatives for projects that range from posters, logos, product packaging, t-shirts, and even athletic-themed compositions.

Vintage Type Co. certainly lives up to its name. If you’re searching for a classic, historical font for your design projects, take a look at Vintage Type Co.’s portfolio and make your purchase today.