Beta is an exclusive vector stock collection straight from the minds of the designers at YouWorkForThem. We like to have our share of fun, too!


Doomsday Aliens is a collection of some of the wildest and most unique vector creatures you could ever imagine. It’s a safe bet that their phasers are set to “Kill,” not “Stun,” so be very careful with them or you’re gonna be toast. Speak in a soft voice. Make no sudden movements. Let them know you come in peace and they might even party with you. These Doomsday Aliens mean business: seriously silly business. Their elaborate details and comical poses are great for any sci-fi design work caught in a humorous tailspin. This killer stock vector set contains 25 vector EPS files. We recommend that you use vector editing software; Photoshop can open these files, however your editing capabilities will be limited.


Antiques is a wonderful vector stock set that offers 50 vintage-inspired graphics. With steampunk’s rise in popularity over recent years, Antiques is boon for designers looking to add a touch of the olden days to their work. These graphics will transport your designs to a time when men still wore pocket watches and typewriters made that incessant clickety-clack sound. In addition to typical household items like radios,  telephones, and furniture, Antiques also contains midway-themed vectors like candy floss machines, popcorn makers, and gum ball dispensers. If you like retro stock graphics and antiquities, you’ll love the variety of illustrations in Antiques. All files within this set are vector EPS; we recommend you use vector editing software to work with these files.


Moto is another huge vector set, one that’s inspired by vintage machinery with a need for speed. Motorcycles, scooters, and automobiles from around the world will delight road enthusiasts everywhere. Moto also includes a series of symbols and icons reminiscent of automobile, motorcycle, and racing logos. These incredible illustrations are at home in projects centered around racing themes or personal transportation with a masculine, vintage flair. Vector files in this set are EPS format; vector editing software is recommended.


The Graphic Designer Essentials vector set provides designers with 125 stock illustrations of items borrowed from our modern lives. The Graphic Designer Essentials really is an indispensable set, offering computers, phones, and tablets, books and writing utensils, t-shirts and tote bags, even a cup of coffee—the most crucial part of every day. Did you forget your keys, your wallet, or your sunglasses? Don’t worry, you’ll find them waiting for you in The Graphic Designers Essentials. These files are vector EPS; we recommend using them with vector editing software.


Twisted Christmas Elements is basically what would happen if the Grim Reaper ever had to fill in for Santa Claus. (And if you’ve never read Terry Pratchett’s Hogfather, drop what you’re doing and read a copy. We’ll wait.) Suffused with hilarious touches of death and destruction, Twisted Christmas Elements pairs skulls with snowflakes, blows up candy canes and presents for fun, and celebrates the Christmas season with 25 vector illustrations of merry mayhem. All files within this set are vector EPS; open with vector editing software for best results.


YWFT Shop is a decorative collection of vector stock, featuring scripted sign illustrations that are ideal for a variety of advertisements. Are you open 24 hours a day? Are your goods fresh? Where exactly is the fire exit? Is there danger somewhere? Are your patties 100% beef? Are they hot or cold? Let the world know you’re having a super clearance sale with these unique vector stock graphics! All of the files in the YWFT Shop set are in EPS format; we recommend using vector editing software to work with them.

Beta currently offers more than 70 vector illustration sets, each with its own unique personality. Visit Beta’s portfolio to view and purchase their vector stock today.