YouWorkForThem is proud to offer 10+ fonts by Set Sail Studios, a UK-based creative agency dedicated to providing high-quality, fresh & innovative hand-drawn typefaces. The importance of unique, artistic creativity can’t be overstated when defining brand character, and the marketability and powerful attention-grabbing attributes of Set Sail Studios’ script work could very well be the vital element in creating a finely-tuned brand presence.

The quality is immediately apparent upon looking at Set Sail Studios catalog. These beautifully-designed, impactful script fonts bring a well-defined, striking character to any design. Perhaps a flickering neon sign of a New York City jazz club on a hopping night in the 60’s, or the title credits of a movie involving a struggle in 17th Century Europe–the intangible elements that Set Sail Studios brings to their fonts are incalculable.

It’s possible you’ve already come across their font Faith & Glory, which was just recently updated due to popular request to include additional uppercase characters. This hand-brushed script brings a powerful, characteristic impact that the world recognized in 2015, with several global brands choosing it to convey their messages.

The fonts by Set Sail Studios can be of invaluable help in establishing your company’s brand. With the affordable licenses offered at YouWorkForThem, you can collaborate with these artists and bring their world-class execution to your front door.

We’re confident that you’ll find the experienced workmanship of Set Sail Studios and the quality of their font design makes all the difference in the impact of your designs. Feel free to contact us and we’ll be glad to help you Set Sail.