With the overabundance of filters, stickers and emoji that fills the web and social media today, there’s something to be said about concise and simple design. That’s why we’re so proud to offer Connary Fagen Fonts.

Connary describes himself as “One part problem solver, one part tormented artist and one part Sean Connery”–an awesome combination if you ask us, and it shows in his work. His typography designs are clear, effective, and memorable, and he has produced award-winning branding, video, and digital design. His work is truly original, yet feels familiar while instantly evoking emotion…and that’s just “lorem ipsum”!


Driving Connary’s work is a philosophy that we can all learn from: “My approach to design is focused on effective communication, ensuring that your story is told in a clear and memorable fashion. Shedding the superfluous and unnecessary leaves a genuine message for your audience.”

For over ten years, he has owned and operated his own studio, as well as working on in-house teams and for design agencies. This variety of experience has honed his design skills, leading to some bold, powerful font designs, and regardless of what project you might be working on or your aesthetic, you should have one of Connary’s fonts in your arsenal.


Another fantastic perk is the long-term support Connary offers, including free bug fixes, new features and general improvements over time. Many users have been pleasantly surprised when multiple new features were added to a font they already owned–for free! And with every update he deploys, we send a notification email to all previous buyers.


If you truly want to captivate your audience and need a font that will enhance your words, look no further than Connary Fagen Fonts. Thank you Connary, for providing the world with your beautiful and powerful typography!

If you have any questions about Connary’s fonts or fonts in general, feel free to contact us.