Having a collection of Distressed Fonts at your disposal is a great shortcut for any designer or artist to have in their arsenal. Distressed fonts effortlessly give your work the grunge and edge that you need without having to spend time in Photoshop actually distressing them.

Here are 5 distressed fonts that any designer or artist needs to have:


1. Anodyne

Beloved by millions and one of the highest searched distressed fonts around, Anodyne makes waves and steals hearts. Created by Yellow Design Studio to give your artwork that weathered and warm look, this all caps distressed font has a wide ranging appeal and comes with several different shadow and distress options to make it feel different and unique whenever you use it.


 2. Special Elite Pro

This vintage typewriter font adds a unique blend of classic charm to the digital age. Designed by Stiggy & Sands in order to give 21st century designers the ability to integrate the unpredictability and messy appeal of a typeface created with ribbon and ink.


3. Letterpress Collection

With over 200 glyphs available Letterpress Collection brings the vintage printing grunge style to any design. The highly detailed and vividly distressed texture of this font create an alluring and maniacal visual that everyone needs to have in their design bag.


4. Intro Rust

As one of the biggest font family packages on the market  (214 fonts), Intro Rust is as versatile as they come. With its ability to go from looking like it belongs on steel drums on an army base to fitting perfectly on a grunge punk album cover or even coffee shop packaging, this font family is one our absolute favorite distressed fonts around.


5. Origins

This font billows and bubbles to perfection and will give your designs that extra bit of authenticity and flourish it needs to truly come alive. You know we love big, fancy fonts and this is one of our favorites. As far as distressed fonts go, Origins adds an elegance and vintage charm that other distressed scripts lack. Designed by Laura Worthington, so you know this is a good one.

Distressed Fonts are incredibly fun to use and instantly give your art the crackle and imperfections it needs. All of these beautifully distressed fonts and many more are available now at our web site, with options for both desktop and web font licensing.