Buamai was conceived by our founder & creative director Michael Paul Young in 2008 as an online repository for unique or inspirational found images (pre-Pinterest). Mainly for graphic design and typographic related material, the collection grew to encompass the humorous, the reflective, the obscure and the just-plain-strange. Buamai now encompasses contributions from a worldwide collective of artists, graphic designers, architects and fashion designers, and has become one of the most active image-based blogs online. The purpose of Buamai is simply to post interesting found images, along with available history or information, with the goal of promoting great design.

We like to make mention of Buamai from time to time, especially as the keyword Typography grows to contain more and more inspirational content.

Important Notice: Buamai conatins NSFW work content that might be unsettling to some audiences. We suggest you hit the “Censor” button at the top of the website if you want to hide this content.

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