Centrale Sans Font

For today’s feature we want to put the spotlight on a wonderful sans-serif family by the name of Centrale Sans, designed by Typedepot. Centrale Sans actually contains 3 different subfamilies – Centrale Sans, Centrale Sans Rounded and Centrale Sans Condensed. These beautiful designs were posted on our site over a 2 year timespan, from 2011 to 2013, and each have grown to be very popular. While there is no doubt these will work great in print designs, we know the real beauty of Centrale Sans is what designers will do with it when used as WebFonts. More details below…

Centrale Sans Font

Centrale Sans is a modern sans-serif typeface combining the geometric and the humanist models. It’s a serious but friendly as well, ranging from Hairline to Extra Bold plus matching italics. It is characterized by a large x-height and quite large apertures which makes it very readable on screen. Although it’s not a completely new release, it has been redesigned with italics (draw from scratch), a lot of contrast issues are fixed. Typedepot also added two new weights – Hairline and Extra Bold to make it even more versatile.

Download Centrale Sans Font

Centrale Sans Rounded Font

Centrale Sans Rounded – It is not the first nor the last rounded typeface out there, but at a certain point Typedepot noticed the ones that already existed were not suiting their needs, or were quite expensive. With Centrale Sans Rounded, Typedepot is trying to make a difference and offer you a good looking rounded typeface at a reasonable price. Centrale Sans Rounded comes in six weights plus matching italics. You can even Download the Light Font Weight for FREE!

Centrale Sans Rounded is packed with numerous OpenType features – case sensitive forms, tabular lining, ligatures and alternatives.

Download Centrale Sans Rounded Font

Centrale Sans Condensed Font

Centrale Sans Condensed is not just a “squished” version of Typedepot’s Centrale Sans family, it’s designed as a stand alone typeface with the family characteristics in mind. It bears all the qualities of the normal width being even friendlier because of the closer relation it has with the humanist model. The condensed width is with 15% narrower than its normal sibling, which makes it a precious space-saving tool. Centrale Sans Condensed contains 9 weights, from Hairline to Extra Bold plus matching italics. It includes numerous OpenType features like discretional ligatures, tabular figures and stylistic alternatives.

Download Centrale Sans Condensed Font