Sanchez Slab

Choosing the right font is a crucial part of any project, whether printed or in a website, blog, eBook, game, mobile application,electronic billboard or any other worded display. Fonts bring elegance, power and mood to content, and can make words sweeter, interfaces stronger, and interactive content more powerful. Of course, appealing web design is made much more unique with the right web fonts, and a change in font can make a huge difference in website traffic. That’s why we think you’ll want to check out Sanchez Slab, an innovative, strong Sans Serif font from Latinotype. It could prove to be a real difference maker in printed or digital text content.

Why Sanchez Slab?
The Sanchez font has the appeal of the classic Rockwell font, but with an element of contrast that offsets the square feel of the Rockwell type. Poetry publishers, large newspapers, and the publishers of the Guinness Book of World Records have all used the Rockwell font. Additionally, the Docklands Light Railway Company used the Rockwell font for its signs. People who see the Sanchez fonts will recognize and appreciate the similarity to Rockwell, but they will also fall in love with the improvements that the Sanchez Slab offers the world.

Download Sanchez Slab Font

Sanchez Slab is offered in a wide variety of options. Not only is it available in 12 weights, but the free option provides the user with the Sanchez Slab or the Sanchez Slab Italic variants at no cost! Anyone who is looking to make an innovative change should look into Sanchez Slab today at YouWorkForThem.

Notice: LatinoType has released a few different versions of Sanchez Slab. The most popular is Sanchez Slab that we discuss above, but there is also a rounded font version called just Sanchez. Along with these two, there is also the latest option, Sanchez Condensed. There are free font options for each release, so give them a try today!

Download Sanchez

Download Sanchez Condensed
Sanchez Condensed