Better YouWorkForThem

We’re always thinking about how to make YouWorkForThem better. Seriously, it keeps us up at night. We’re constantly improving the system whenever and however we can. You may have noticed already, but we wanted to run down the latest list of improvements.

All-new Buying Options

You can now select from the four most popular options, and we even added icons. (I know.) Everything is listed for every font, and ready to be added to the shopping cart with one click.

Faster Checkout

We know how it is to just want to get to work with your brand new stuff–so we made the fastest checkout in the business even faster, with only one page to deal with. Boom boom.

All-new Currency Preview

This is for our international customers who want to see an estimate conversion price of the items sold on our site, in their local currency. Pounds, Euros, Canadian and Australian Dollars, Yen…

New Licensing Options

We added a whole new level of clarity to what were already the best licenses in the business. Even more readable language, with more clearly denoted restrictions. And of course, as always, any custom license you need is just an email away.

And, as always, there are dozens of design & bug fixes across the entire site. Here’s to 2014! Excelsior!