Our latest and greatest in house design, YWFT Dessau, has arrived. Think drugs, lots of drugs. Pictograms and schizograms. This is a whole new level of crazy for YWFT, and is quite possibly the most seriously f**ked up thing we’ve ever done. Designed with numerous different styles that you can layer to create endless permutations of depth and 3D.

Download YWFT Dessau, and save 40% off until November 30, 2013.

YWFT Dessau-12

YWFT Dessau-11

YWFT Dessau-10

YWFT Dessau-9

YWFT Dessau-8

YWFT Dessau-7

YWFT Dessau-6

YWFT Dessau-5

YWFT Dessau-4

YWFT Dessau-3

YWFT Dessau-2