With well over 22,000 Fonts and 47,000 Stock resources now available, it’s no secret that YouWorkForThem continues to showcase more of the world’s best design resources.

We keep getting faster and smarter, too.


There are several new ways to search products. Visit the search page for all the details, but essentially you can now drill deep into the system by adding a few simple punctuations. This includes adding “sale+” to find out all of our sale items, and you can now search by Product SKU (T0001) or Designer Name much faster than before. You can also search for the most popular keywords.


There’s a whole new level of sorting available in the font buying options. They’re now sorted by weight, making everything look cleaner and more sensible.


For overall improvement in performance, we have compressed the entire site without any obvious visual changes. Without geeking out too hard on caching specifics, let’s just say you should notice a 25-50% speed increase in most areas of the site.


We recently took our best-in-class WebFonts engine to v1.2, with some improvements to the font-hinting for better results on PC-based browsers. Rendering is now smoother in these environments than ever before. As always, existing customers can login and download the latest kits, free and forever.


Speaking of things that are free, there is a Free Fonts section on the site. And it’s not some graveyard of lost souls, we give away high-end stuff.


Popular Keywords allows you to always see the most popular keyword for any given section of the site. This is an extended, dynamic list of popular sections within that allows for a “living” view of the site at any given moment. Look for it at the top of each landing page (/fonts, /vectors, etc.).


The Sale listings are now much better. Not only can you see what is on sale, but you now see when the sale ends, the discounted rate (25% off, etc), and the actual discount displays on each item. This results in a much better shopping experience.


Finally, we are always looking for the next big ideas in stock and font design. If you regularly provide excellence and quality above all else…contact us today!