Ever since the “@font-face” CSS declaration, font providers have been scrambling to implement options, and let’s face it–most have been less than ideal. We’ve all tried to figure out confusing lists of unnecessary options, when all we wanted was some quick design options. And more than once we’ve been confronted by subscription payments and intrusive tracking code. YouWorkForThem says the heck with all that. We think it’s all about two things: design and efficiency.

And without further ado, we are proud to announce the most affordable, efficient, easy-to-use WebFonts system anywhere online–no bloated javascript tracking code, no confusing and unnecessary options, no subscriptions, no stalking. Because unlike some of our competitors, we’re not in it to milk more money out of our customers. We are only concerned about good design, ease of use, and affordable prices.

YouWorkForThem offers the most beautiful and functional font designs in the world, and our WebFonts selection is no exception. We offer over 10,000 WebFonts, drawn from our massive catalog, and they couldn’t be easier to use–simply download and upload–that’s it. As always we are focused on design and the designer, and our Basic price is targeted at the design community, covering 50,000 monthly pageviews for 1x the desktop price, including free updates. That’s the most affordable price you’ll find.

Beautiful WebFonts, affordable prices, easy to use. YouWorkForThem does it again.