With major destinations like Google, Wikipedia and Craigslist dark today to protest SOPA/PIPA, our minds are on what the internet might be like if these catastrophic bills are allowed to pass. We think you shouldn’t punish the majority for the acts of a few. And we’re software providers–we know what it’s like to have our IP stolen or compromised.

As we have been developing our WebFonts licensing system, we of course need to protect our IP, but not at the expense of our customers. That’s why we have simple, easy, one-time licenses to protect our content that do not treat our customers as criminals. We think our customers’ rights are paramount, and that we should offer them a simple license–and then that’s it. No subscriptions, no serial numbers, no stalking, and most definitely no jack-booted government thugs, kicking in doors with a poisoned pen.

We keep our prices low, our licenses very liberal, and we’re completely independent–not hostage to a corporate stock price. And we are staunchly anti-government censorship and always will be, unlike some of our biggest competitors, who support these bills.

After all, we named our company after You.

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