2012: Some folks think we’re in for a change on 12/21. Some folks are all about the 1-2. And for others, 2112 is the jam. In the end, it’s all about the numbers–and we have some big ones to share.

Between YWFT and Nanamee, we now offer over 50,000 stock designs for sale. We showcase 127 of the best type foundries in the world, from 27 different countries, and we hand-pick each typeface design–over 12,000 of them. That’s a big number for us, since we only carried about 300 fonts two years ago. Also, the number 10 is significant, as we are about to reach our 10th year of business this summer. There’s also 3–the factor our business has increased by since January, 2010. Finally, the number 1 is big for us–as in first. YWFT were first to market with the wide range of powerful type testing capabilities of our TypeBrowserâ„¢ suite, and first to offer a large collection of fonts available for mobile apps and ebooks via extended licensing right in the shopping cart.

Since I took over as sole Creative Director in 2010, I have experienced the best years of my career working to bring these numbers to fruition, and I couldn’t have done it without you–our customers. So I want to say thank you, by offering our biggest font sale ever. In fact, this might be ANYONE’S biggest font sale ever.

Starting on January 9, and running until February 1st, all YWFT-designed fonts are 50% off! We have never offered discounts of this magnitude on our YWFT designs–all 140 of them.

Go forth…go forth and save!

Again, thank you!

Michael Paul Young
Creative Director