Last week we updated our site with dozens of new features like TypeBrowser™ and the new Mobile Font Licenses. Another one of these updates was a little hidden gem, AutoSuggest. Now when you begin typing a few characters into the search box (top right of our shop, not this blog) the form will begin to suggest what items you may be looking for. This could be products, particular foundries/designers or even product sub-sections.

For example, typing ‘St‘ will find the 10 most popular products, 6 foundries/designers and 3 product sections that all start with those letters. Another little secret, if you can remember the product SKU* number, simply type the 5 digit number into the search box and our system will find the product for you!

*SKU numbers are the 5 digit codes you will find on each particular product page in the URL, for example the SKU for YWFT Agostina is T0207. You can also find the SKU number on any images you might save from the slide shows, for example T0207_00.jpg is the cover image for the YWFT Agostina slide show.