Stock Audio

After many years of debate on the subject, YouWorkForThem is excited to announce the addition of Stock Audio to our repertoire. It’s no secret that compelling motion and video content requires compelling audio. Original music scores, audio atmospheres that evoke a specific environment or volumetric space, and unique, functional UI sound effects are what bring visual content up to full power. As content production timelines progress, the audio component is often left to the last minute, or—too often—overlooked entirely, because a custom solution is usually perceived as being difficult or expensive. This perception is easily countered with Stock Audio solutions from YouworkForThem, and with prices starting at $15, your budget won’t even blink.

We are very excited to start the audio ball rolling with 9 collections of elements, 4 sets created by our longtime collaborators at Madsound, and 5 collections done in-house here at YWFT. These sets of audio were designed specifically for content creators. Whether you are the biggest producer since Robert Evans, deep into post on Avatar VI: Revenge of Zombie Sigourney, or the shyest kid at summer camp coding on your PSP in the cabin, there’s something here to make your project “pop a little™.”

If you need a quick set of UI sounds for your game menu, there are 100 instant classics in the “Bloop” collection and 8-bit glory aplenty in “Game.” If you’re making the trippiest iPad app since Brian Eno cut his hair, then check out “Moon” or “Underworld” for incredible volumetric atmospheres. Need the background music for your stylish web sitelet and the client is arriving in the morning? Don’t sweat it, grab the “Melody” collection and still make last call. If you have your animated logo ready to roll across a million in-car navscreens and aircraft entertainment systems, then check out “Motif” for custom-made, royalty-free themes made with casino-approved simplicity.

Your media has the motion, YouWorkForThem has the moves. Stock Audio available now.