While our Fonts sales tend to maintain a fairly stable pattern over time, our Stock Art seems to shift from one style to another, sometimes quite drastically. Last year the Regime series of designs conquered the charts, but this year not a single one of them placed in the Top Ten. Instead, we saw sales shift toward a cleaner, more modern approach with the Guilloche and Empire collections ruling the roost.


Guilloche 01 – Coming in at Number One, this is a collection of 25 regal, elegant and simply beautiful patterns and line works. The collection alternates between black and white options, allowing for numerous ways to create successful designs. We have had designers purchase this collection and use it in a wide variety of situations, for everything from packaging to banking documents.


Gradients 01 – This is a beautiful set of thousands of small dots and fifteen charming halftone gradients rendered as high quality vectors. Great for fills and backgrounds, and surely thousands of other things. This was the highest-ranking collection in Gradients, but many of the other Gradient-themed collections launched in 2009 landed in our Top Twenty.


Guilloche 02 – This is a collection of 25 elegantly gorgeous spirographic illustrations. These can be used as flourishes and ornaments in combination with other design elements or as the basis of something on their own. Taken a step further, these elements truly come alive when animated in your favorite animation package. These detailed and precise illustrations will not disappoint.


Empire Wealth 01 – The riches and wealth of the Empire are explored to the greatest extent in this collection. This set obtains 30 precise and detail-oriented patterns typically used to encode currency and financial documents. Use these vector drawings to bring a new luxury, sophistication and level of detail to your project.


Guilloche Worlds – The worlds of worlds, objects of objects and icons of icons, this is a set that once felt the need to explore and express a world with a single drop but also executed the idea with massive details and little bits of curiosity. What is the world you see? Created as a hybrid collection, this set combines our Worlds and Guilloche product themes into one intense product. This collection has been popular with many designers for poster and t-shirt design work.


Brush 36 – Part of the Guilloche series, this vector brush collection contains 25 different designs. Use these powerful and elegant brushes to create custom borders, flourishes and ornaments in your next design. Since this package comes in brush format (as well with an extra stock art eps file), we have seen many of our customers use these for everything from border designs to motion graphic work.


Empire Wealth 02 – Just as beautiful as the Empire Wealth 01 collection, this collection follows up with even more design options. Contains 30 precise and detail-oriented patterns, typically used to encode currency and financial documents..


Carpal Tunnel 12 – This is a collection of 20 different textures and patterns all drawn by hand with pen on paper. As a bonus, this collection also includes the 20 high resolution A4 image scans for even more flexibility.


Origami Waves – This is a collection of 25 warped, sharp, liquid-like vector drawings inspired by Origami patterns. Taking the idea of Japanese Origami and throwing a distorted wave-like twist on it, this collection gives you a very unique set of design elements. Think of these as a modern extension of OP ART meeting Japanese Origami.


Moire 03 – This is a collection of 25 stock images ready to boggle any viewer’s mind with intense Moire distortions. This was originally generated in 3d applications, then exported to high resolution images.

– – – – – – – – – –

And that’s our Stock Art Top Ten for 2009! We would like to thank each and every one of you who purchased these collections and made them such a success. We look forward to bringing you even more of the most unique and original stock art online in 2010 and beyond.