Name: Tim Lahan
Company: Trademark™
Website: Trademark-Trademark

I’m trained as a graphic designer but grew up illustrating and later drawing on bathroom walls. I run my own one-man studio in New York under the guise Trademark™, where I take on all kinds of work from branding, apparel, web stuff when I have to, and also use it as an umbrella for personal work.

Color: Pea green
Music: Descendents
Book: Factotum – Charles Bukowski
Designer: No one in particular
Animal: Goat
Favorite Website: Married to the Sea
Place: Pennsylvania
Shape: Triangle
Artist: Ed Ruscha


Typeface: Akzidenz Grotesk
Movie: Ghostbusters
Work: sucks
Word: Lexicon
Season: Fall
Magazine: Swank
Favorite Place: The woods
Guilty Pleasure: Cigarettes, cannolis, hamburgers
Distraction: Silly putty
Love: Everything
Hate: Everything


What are you working on right now? A pretty good balance of personal projects and branding stuff for some startups.

What career would you switch to if you had to stop your current profession? Full-time mountain man. Overgrown beard, straw hat, cabin in the woods, the creepy old dude that’s almost folklore to little kids in the town below. When I’d go out for good I’d leave behind all these wild phallic wood carvings and fancy corn cob pipes. I haven’t thought about it too much, really.