We did an Illustration Grant last month at Society6 and this month we did a Typographers grant. A lot of great submissions but we had to pick one.


The winner was Steven Bonner who had a lot of great examples of wordplay on his profile. His work is display in nature covers many styles. It is great to see people have an interest in type these days. You can see his full portfolio here and congratulations Steven.


The runner up was Jehoaddan Strain as we were looking for people who created their own typefaces. Jehoaddan’s website can be found here and also worthy of a bookmark. You will be seeing more of her in the future, I am sure about that!


Quick update on the last winner, Will Bryant. We have been working with him based on the previous grant he won, and he is doing some really amazing work. Will be excited to show everyone when it is finished. Thanks to everyone who entered and thanks to Society6 for producing a site that really helps graphic designers without exploiting them or their work.