Back in February we got a nice call from Catherine Owens, long time super creative director for the uber-famous band U2. Catherine came across our video This is Agostina and knew she found the team who could help rock some video/visuals for this years U2 360 world tour. For the past few months we went to New York for meetings, came back to the Bangkok studio and have been rocking on over 200 video clips for the upcoming show. The concert opens in Barcelona on June 30, 2009 to a sold out crowd of 90,000 fans. For complete tour details you can visit the U2 Tour schedule. To get an idea of stage and the size of screen we created video work for (its MASSIVE), you can check out the U2 360 website.


As we come to wrap on this project, we are really excited/anxious to show everyone the video we contributed to the project. As soon as the tour gets rolling we will release more details (permitting all NDA rules of course). Till then, just go check out the show, I am sure U2 will give you one hell of a show!