For a short while (one year), I went to art school at Minneapolis College of Art and Design in Minnesota. During my time there, I knew this character Aaron Draplin, he was a friend of my roommate. Back then, I would say me and him had very different opinions on graphic design and our approach to it, but it was all in good spirit and laughs. The same could still be said today. Although I still respect his work and its clean and niche approach, its just not how I would do things.


Today I came across this video of him chatting, seems someone is working on a short documentary with him? Watching this one clip, I see he is still a big bearded guy, wearing hats and loving the Pacific North West of America. He is also still very opinionated on graphic design, and on this topic in particular I can agree with him. While I do agree with how bad this typical technique in America is, I am not so sure I get as upset about these things. Just goes to show though, you can’t buy good taste, not even for over $10,000.


At the same time (always taking the chance to bash on Google), who says bad taste won’t take you to new heights or intense stock values?