I’m trying to get this posted before Matt walks in the door. He’s been coming into our office lately to work on some new fonts, because this office is a designated typographic zone. When Matt isn’t making fonts he’s filming, experimenting with photography, and racing over midwestern hills and across valleys in his VW. And you can see all of this unfold on his Flickr.




AE Aerie – Custom type for American Eagle aerie intimates brand.

Name: Matt Desmond

Company: MADType

Website: www.madtype.net


Short explanation of what you do or who you are, one or two sentences.

I create things like fonts videos and photos and try to make sense of the world around me.


Color: was blue, now white


Music: Milosh


Book: Hell’s Angels


Designer: Nature


Animal: Cats


Website: icanhascheezburger.com


Place: Home


Shape: Square


Artist: Greg Euclid


Typeface: Minion


Movie: No Country For Old Men


Work: Research


Word: Mechanical


Season: Fall


Magazine: Performance VW


Favorite Place: Home


Guilty Pleasure: Sugar, lots of it


Distraction: iChat


Love: Quality


Hate: Slow left lane hogs/people not paying attention






Desmond Text


What are you working on right now?

Lots of automotive video that I have backlogged from the past year, and some fonts that are unfinished.


What career would you switch to if you had to stop your current profession?

Probably either a banker or work at a gun store, figure that one out.


Why do you _______?

Too much alcohol.