This week we feature British designer, Chris Gray. I came across one of his shirts on Beautiful Decay and was pleasantly surprised by his other work. Let’s learn a little more about him.


Name: Chris Gray


Company: Toy / WSS


Website: /


Short explanation of what you do / who you are:  I am a freelance designer working from my tiny shared studio in Manchester across print, film & web. I also run a small independent art business working alongside 9 other European illustrators.


Color: Black


Music: Chad VanGaalen (this week)


Book: Down and Out in London & Paris


Designer: Geoff McFetridge


Animal: Kingfisher




Place: In the Sun


Shape: All of them


Artist: Salvidor Dali


Typeface: Trade Gothic LT No. 20 Bold Condensed


Movie: I’m watching ‘SYNECDOCHE’ tomorrow. So hopefully that.


Work: One of those jobs where you convince yourself that there is no idea to find, and you go through stages of believing you are complete failure as a designer. Then it hits you like an Iceberg and for those first few moments it makes you feel like a demi-god. It is surely the best feeling you can get.




Word: Rad!


Season: Summer


Magazine: Graphis 1958 – 1974


Guilty Pleasure: Riding kids bikes


Distraction: G, C, Em, D. I still suck at F


Love: My Girlfriend. She gives me more ideas then anyone I have ever met.


Hate: Mistaking Salt for Sugar




What are you working on right now? In 8 hours I start painting a new mural for my solo exhibition in which I took all the graffiti out of the venues toilet are turned it into some form of giant interlinking illustration.


What career would you switch to if you had to stop your current profession? Why? I went through a stage when I was younger whereby I wanted to be a pro BMX rider so I could cruise the streets in the sun all day doing flip-whips. Unfortunately I never quite got good enough.